Paris Fashion Week – January 2018

Capital of the fashion requires: five highlights, at least, will mark the year 2017. Among which: the haute couture week from Sunday 22 to Thursday 26 January, the women’s ready-to-wear week fall from Tuesday 28 February to Wednesday March 8, Paris haute couture from July 2 to 6, Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018 from September 26 to October 4. Not to mention, of course, the Black Fashion Week (the dates are not yet communicated).

As fashion does not really have limits, let’s also remember the must-haves around the world: Fashion Week in London from February 17 to 21, Fashion Week in Milan from February 22 to 28, and of course the new parade -Yorkaise from 9 to 17 February, first, for the autumn collection dedicated to women. Then from 7 to 15 September for the spring season 2018.